The backdrop of the Dana Hills High School Wrestling Program’s philosophy is in striving to make your dedication to the program one of the high points of your life. It will be filled with rewarding experiences, unique memories and challenging obstacles. You must have faith in the strength of those around you. Remember, you are an important part of a tight knit family dedicated to helping each DHHS Wrestler.



In the classroom, you will be good citizens. Not every student can get straight A’s, but we expect you to attend every class as an active participant. It is the wrestler’s responsibility to complete assignments on time and perform academically. Non-performance in the classroom may ultimately result in removal from the team.
Class attendance and progress will be monitored and evaluated.
If you must miss class for any reason, notify your teacher ahead of time and turn your work in early. Absences due to participation in athletic events MUST BE taken care of in advance.
Unexcused absences will be reported to your parents and administration. Additionally, you may not be eligible to compete at the next wrestling match/tournament.


“More Enduring than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill—none have wrestled without pride.”
–Coach Gable. Olympic Wrestler and Wrestling Coach Iowa State University.

–Coach Gable. Olympic Wrestler and Coach at Iowa State University



Just as our team cannot function without equipment or a coaching staff, we cannot function without an active booster club. As a wrestler, your responsibility is to fully participate in all fundraising events. Additionally, you need to communicate with your parents the times and places of all booster club meetings and strongly encourage your parents to attend and participate. The DHHS Wrestling program will not be able to contend with the elite programs unless we fully understand the importance of raising the necessary funds to compete.
Please visit the DHHS Website each week for important updates.

Please note that the Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education to you free of charge. Your right to a free education is for all school/educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and whether you get a grade for the activity or class.  Subject to certain exceptions, your right to a free public education means that we cannot require you or your family to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, nor can we require you or your family to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment.  Therefore, while this list suggests that students purchase individual texts, purchase is considered voluntary.  No student will be restricted from participation, and individual copies of texts will be provided for student use.


Individual Goals for DHHS Wrestlers

Earning a high school diploma with grades reflecting your true capabilities.
Going to class prepared, actively participating in your education, and being committed to your well-being.
Working hard each day to be the best competitor you can become.
Being an unselfish part of the DHHS Wrestling program.
Exemplifying superior sportsmanship during practice and meets.
Be a League and CIF Champion
Represent DHHS as a competitor at State and Masters

“Champions are made in the off-season.”—Coach Abedi



  • Is considerate of others.
  • Knows what is expected of him and does his best to do it.
  • Does not make excuses for his failure.
  • Is on-time and prepared to every practice
  • Is a good role model.
  • Gives 100% effort—ALWAYS!
  • Keeps his poise in stressful situations.
  • Makes few mistakes.
  • Rises above adversity.
  • Can call himself a Champion.



  • Recognize wrestling’s unique gift to our youth in its capacity to teach every individual who has ever wrestled how to deal with adversity, overcome obstacles, and persevere.
  • We will always conduct ourselves in a matter that shows our respect for Dana Hills High School, the wrestling program and the surrounding community.
  • Take pride in yourself and your team by making a 100% commitment to all aspects of the program.
  • Practice at your highest intensity. Always.
  • As team, we must be aware that injuries have occurred in the past because of riding skateboards, bicycles, and playing other sports. Therefore, do not play other sports during the season or engage in any activity that is deemed “risky.”
  • As a wrestler, you are looked upon by many as a role model and you are much more visible to teachers, administrators, and the community. Therefore, it is imperative that you represent yourselves with dignity and integrity at all times, on and off campus.
    Abuses of alcohol and other drugs will not be tolerated. Please be familiar with the Capistrano Unified School District policy.
    Wrestlers who choose not to conduct their behavior and attitudes by these standards will be dealt with individually by the head coach and administration as appropriate



A practice session is a way to prepare for a match. Every reaction, every move, every thought you will be expected to make in a match is included in practice sessions during each week. Every wrestler will be evaluated during every practice.

  • IF YOU MAKE MISTAKES IN PRACTICE, you’ll make mistakes in the match. Use practice to learn from and correct those mistakes.
  • IF YOU AVOID THE PARTS OF PRACTICE YOU DISLIKE, you’ll never improve in those areas.
  • A MANDATORY 100% effort is expected at EVERY PRACTICE.
  • If you fail to call a coach prior to 12:00 noon on the day of a missed practice, tournaments, and matches you will be disciplined.
  • Don’t be late for your practice. After your last class is over, you should be in the wrestling room, dressing, before the tardy bell rings.
  • Coaches will give you water breaks at practice, so bring your own water or Gatorade.
  • When you are not active, pay attention to the instruction. “Gossip Groups” will suffer consequences. Listen and learn from others being coached.
  • Coach Abedi’s room is available for you to change; however, you are responsible for your gear at all times, including loss or theft and in all weather conditions.
  • If you do not understand…ask



Team captains hold a crucial role in the overall success of our wrestling program. The coaching staff will choose each captain. Team captains will be selected for their leadership abilities, intelligence, strength of character and their on and off the field abilities. The primary responsibilities of the captains are to:

  • Provide leadership through example during practice, on and off the mat.
  • Foster and maintain a high level of team unity.
  • Monitor the players’ attitudes to eliminate potential problems and report serious incidents to coaches



Wrestlers are expected to report to the location of the tournament or DHHS as directed by the coach at the assigned time. Each wrestler is responsible to provide his/her own clean gear, water, breakfast, lunch & snacks as appropriate.
Wrestlers cannot be late since we are expected to weigh in as a team. After weigh-in, wrestlers need adequate time to hydrate and prepare.
Each wrestler is EXPECTED TO REMAIN AT THE SITE OF THE TOURNAMENT FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNMENT. PERIOD. Failure to do so and the wrestler will not compete in the next match/tournament. If the wrestler is an alternate for the CIF, the wrestler is considered part of the team and is expected to participate fully for the duration of CIF.
Please do not make plans to attend any other functions on the days of a tournament.



When possible, wrestlers will be transported by the CUSD van. However, there are many tournaments when we will need parent drivers. In order for a wrestler to be transported by a parent, the family must complete the TRANSPORTATION WAVIOR and submit to Coach Abedi. In order for a parent to be able to transport wrestlers, the parent must complete the VOLUNTER DRIVER FORM and submit to the Coach Abedi. Check the website or contact Coach Abedi for these forms.



Wrestling is a Winter Sport. However, wrestlers expecting to achieve excellence must consider some form of training throughout the year.
Spring: Wrestlers should expect to attend after-school practice twice a week and compete in weekend tournaments.
Summer: Wrestlers will practice at DHHS on Monday and Wednesdays. Tuesdays/Thursdays we will scrimmage at another school site.
Fall/Winter: Wrestlers should expect daily after school practice and weekend tournaments.
Always refer to the WEBSITE for specific dates and times.



We believe in the value of athletic participation in all its forms. Such participation fosters the qualities of team membership, individual commitment and personal excellence. Every sport offers opportunities to develop these qualities. We are philosophically committed to a range of sports activities for every athlete who has the time and the desire to play them. We are opposed to recommendations that athletes restrict their participation to a single sport, unless that athlete is competing professionally.
With that said, if wrestling is the next sport of season, do not ask to be excused for another sport. Additionally, wrestlers who are not on another DHHS team, must actively participate in the off-season wrestling program.



Many wrestlers will be expected to “cut weight” in order to qualify to compete in a weight class wherein he has the greatest potential for success. Although not a pleasant experience, losing weight can be done safely. Each wrestler will work closely with the coaching staff to lose the weight properly. Cutting weight is best done over a long, rather than short, duration of time.
CIF requires each wrestler pass a Hydration Test prior to the first competition. This two part test, measuring urine and body fat, determines the lowest weight class in which a wrestler can compete. Specific details will be provided prior to the hydration test.



At the end of March, wrestlers who are current active members of the wrestling team will be invited to attend the banquet. We celebrate our successes and recognize individual accomplishments. It is a terrific evening for the wrestlers and their families with food, a video review of the season and awards.


“The 1st period is won by the best technician. The 2nd period is won by the kid in the best shape. The 3rd period is won by the kid with the biggest heart.”

–Coach Gable. Olympic Wrestler and Coach at Iowa State University



Wrestlers are not only participating on the team, they are enrolled in the Wrestling Physical Education Class. Wrestlers earn a letter grade and 5 PE Units per semester. Wrestlers and their parents will be contacted when wrestlers are earning Ds and Fs and may be removed from the team.

Grade Criteria is as follows:
A: Exceptional in all categories. Near perfect attendance to all practices, meets and matches. Always prepared, excellent work ethic, attitude and participation.
B: Above Average Mild issues with attendance. Usually prepared, fair work ethic, attitude and participation.
C: Average: Significant issues with attendance. Four non-suits, fair to poor work ethic, attitude and participation.
D: Below Average: Serious issues with attendance. Seven non-suits, poor work ethic, attitude and participation.
F: Failing Grade: Did not participate in any capacity as expected. Eight or more non-suits.



In order to be in the Varsity Team photo, the wrestler must have qualified to wrestle in the League Finals. All other wrestlers will be in the JV or Frosh/Soph Team photo as appropriate.

To be qualify for a Varsity letter, you must earn 36 points during the wrestling season. The points are earned by meeting the criteria listed:

Win a Varsity match: 1 point
Wrestling in Varsity Dual Match: 2 points
Wrestling in Varsity tournament: 2 points
Placing in a Varsity tournament: 2 points
Placing top 3 in the League Finals: 2 points
Placing top 6 in CIF: 3 points
Competing at Masters: 5 points
Competing at State: 6 points
Wrestling in league : 5 points


“A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.”


Commitment form to be signed by Wrestler and Parent