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Sponsorship Opportunities are now available. Download the attached form to sign up today.


Dear DHHS Wrestling Family,

I need to update the program regarding our financial obligations and current donations. In order to sufficiently provide maximum opportunities for the success for our wrestlers, we need to reach our goal of $15,000. We have yet to come close to this amount so PLEASE consider helping the Team with your Donation.

What will happen if we fall short of our goal? We will have to cancel participation in critical upcoming tournaments. In order to participate in a tournament, the program needs to pay a fee to cover the cost of facilities and the staff to run the tournament. If we do not pay the fee, our wrestlers cannot benefit from the tournament experience that greatly enhances the opportunity to meet our full potential. Tournaments fees are due the first week of November in order to secure our place. Our hope is that you will strongly consider the benefits of investing in the program and therein giving our wrestlers every chance to be the very best that they can be.

Below, is the step by step guide as to how you can contribute your donation using a credit card. If you would rather contribute by cash or check, please contact me directly or send it with your son/daughter. Similarly, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Go to the Dana Hills High School (Website) Main Page
There are 6 blue boxes. Go to the bottom right box “I am looking for”
Scroll down and click on Student Store and Click GO
Find Wrestling, click on it, and then follow the prompts.

Again, thank you for your continued support. The coaching staff and I are looking to working with your sons and daughters and having a terrific season!

Thanks you in advance for all your support,

Coach Abedi


The backdrop of the Dana Hills High School Wrestling Program’s philosophy is in striving to make your dedication to the program one of the high points of your life. It will be filled with rewarding experiences, unique memories and challenging obstacles. You must have faith in the strength of those around you. Remember, you are an important part of a tight knit family dedicated to helping each DHHS Wrestler.